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Fantasy on an Appalachian Carol (2011)
(FULL ORCHESTRA) Enchanting winter imagery from the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains is set to a new composition, Fantasy on an Appalachian Carol, based on the old Appalachian tune, I Wonder as I Wander.


(FULL ORCHESTRA) This large scale work was commissioned by the American Symphony (Sonoma), under the direction of Gabriel Sakakeeny, as the inaugural work for the orchestra's 10th gala anniversary. Three themes intertwine here: courage, faith, hope -- each representing a crucial component of American identity. But it is the theme of hope that wins out -- presented triumphantly in the brass at the end.

Overture for a New America

(FULL ORCHESTRA) An epic score with a blazing fanfare, followed by a quiet hymn of remembrance on distant horns. Listen especially for the men's choir humming during the quiet section. This elegy builds to a climax and ends on a triumphant note of hope. Scored for full orchestra, Fanfare and Remembrance is currently published by BRS Music, Inc., and is available for purchase here.

Fanfare and remembrance

Columbus Triptych (2007)

(Flute, Harp, Viola) Commissioned by COSMOS, a professional trio ensemble, Columbus Triptych encompasses three integrated movements. The first movement
 sets the tone with a cheerful introduction to the three instrument voices while foreshadowing the third movement's theme. The middle section is marked with profound calm and creates the spiritual center of the piece. The mood brightens again in the final movement, a vigorous fugue where the quiet melody of the middle section is finally allowed to soar.

To hear each movement separately, click below:

Columbus Triptych, 1st mvt.           Columbus Triptych, 2nd mvt.           Columbus Triptych, 3rd mvt.

Pie Jesu (2006)

(Soprano solo and orchestra) This Pie Jesu is the third movement of a Requiem currently being composed. This recording features the commanding voice of soprano Christa Pfeiffer, who brings the power of this prayer to life. For more music from Christa Pfeiffer, please visit her at

Pie Jesu

Song for a Centennial (2006)

(FULL ORCHESTRA) Song for a Centennial was commissioned by the City of Piedmont, California, for the City's 100th anniversary. A mysterious opening leads to a majestic brass overture, followed by a hymn and and lyrical solo for English Horn. A lively fugue builds the tension that is finally released in a triumphant re-presentation of the chorale. This piece was later presented in concert by the Berkeley Youth Orchestra, under the direction of David Ramadanoff, conductor.

Song for a Centennial

To Whom My Heart Belongs
This passionate four-minute serenade for strings is composed in the 19th century romantic tradition. Listen for a soaring violin solo toward the end.

To whom my heart belongs