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Husbands (2011)
(TV Series)

Created by Jane Espensen (Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Killer, Game of Thrones) and Brad Bell, and directed by Jeff Greenstein (Exec. Prod., Desperate Housewives). A hip, funny series about marriage equality. "What a fine and lovely and pertinent script... This feels like the future... like a secret, like a craze. Wonderful!" (Russell T. Davies, creator of Queer as Folk)

Husbands Theme


After the Wizard (2011)

Directed by Hugh Gross, After the Wizard explores the life of a young orphaned girl through the beloved characters created by L. Frank Baum. "Delightful... imaginative... warm and creative" (Dove Foundation). "A tremendously warm and comfortable original score by Stephen Main" (Richard Propes, The Independent Critic). "The music score is one of the film's stronger elements" (Ryan Jay Reviews). The film is an official selection of the International Family Film Festival, and can be seen in limited theatrical release this August in LA and Kansas City (



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Mr. Marceau (2010)
(Magical realism) 

Directed by J. Simon Allen. A reclusive clock-collector is forced to re-examine the events of his traumatic life when his beloved timepieces begin to mysteriously disappear. A mystical piece of quiet intensity, this film won an award from the International Cinematographer's Guild and was screened at the DGA Theatre in Los Angeles.

Closing credits

Memories and grief


Front Men (2010)




Produced by Liz Adams (Side Effect, Air Collision), this raucous, energetic comedy examines the career of three hapless musicians looking for a career break. "The show is made up of 5, five-minute webisodes about three wing nut performers who love themselves way more than their music. Watch these wannabes sing for their supper, jockey for position, and sabotage themselves and each other in their desperate quest for fame."

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All Alone (2010)


Directed by Jon Cellini, this psychological thriller explores the murderous downward spiral of events on a camping trip. An official selection of the Santa Barbara, Cleveland, and Hollywood International Film Festivals. "This white-knuckle thriller about two couples from the city roughing it in the wild is an exhilarating break from the usual quirky indie comedies and gay road movies that typically fill film fest schedules" (The Cleveland Scene, March 21, 2012).

Morning (guitar)

The hunt




The Finest Hour (2009)
(Magical realism/Suspense) 
Six people's everyday lives are interrupted by a cosmic battle between good and evil. Directed by Les Shepherd (Broken Dreams).

The Dark Lord

Quiet realization

Troubled dreams


Sassybax (animated commercial) (2009)

Directed by David Lampert (Da Cartoons) and animated by Louis Pieper. The client called for a bright, happy 1950's-style "TV ommercial" sound to advertise a new kind of bra.



Creation (2009)
Directed by Ron Roggé (Do Unto Others, The Legend of Old Town Haunt). A futuristic Sci-fi short about a race of cybernetic women warriors created by a lonely scientist. This score called for epic, sweeping sound.

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The Quickie (2007)
(Filmed in B&W). This period piece, directed by Cosmos Kiindarius, takes up where Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf leaves off. George and Martha visit an island resort, with unpredictable results. This fascinating project called for a "retro" score, with an authentic '50's "studio orchestra" sound, including a samba-styled closing.

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Do unto others (2009)

Produced by Ron Roggé (The Legend of Old Town Haunt, Live for the Day!). A thoughtful short that examines the moral dilemma of a young physician who is forced to save the life of the man who murdered his brother. Scored for lyrical strings and acoustic guitar.

Opening credits


Voyeur (2007)

Voyeur, an independent feature length film from director Pete Anderson (Break, Gotta Love What You're Doing), is a psychological thriller that probes the dark obsessions of a deviant mind.

Other musical cues from Voyeur:

Old photographs

Angela's theme